Work at height without the need for scaffolding:

کار در ارتفاع

Access to the building facade is one of the spaces that few people have access to, and without related equipment, this is not possible and is very unsafe.

There are several ways to access the facade, the most important of which are scaffolding, rope (rappel) and climber.

The least dangerous of these 3 methods: Working with rope (rappel). It is better to explain this, because the general public considers working at heights, or rappels, to be very dangerous and unsafe. If the home not be reported by public relations Department of legal Medicine 10 years from 1387 to 1396, 15 thousand 997 people work injury, their lives lost and falling from height the largest cause of death in accidents Is . Safety at work should always be the priority of starting a business, and the safety we are talking about has its own rules and principles based on the type of activity.

There are rules for places where we are at an altitude and are simply close to the precipice, according to which if we act accordingly, the accident will not happen at all, for example, when we are close to the precipice, we must be connected to 2 supports, The first support is the space on which we stand and the second support that acts as a support is the seat belt that must be firmly attached to the structure. Suppose we are on top of a half-finished building. The first support is the space we are standing on, and if we want to get closer to a distance of 1.5 meters from the precipice, we must fasten the seat belt and connect it to a strong structure, and then go to the precipice area. Let’s do our job. This belt acts as a support that if the space we are standing on could not support our weight or in case of any incident we were thrown to the precipice, this belt will protect us and our lives. Saves us.

The work on the rope is the same. A human is connected to a completely standard rope with standard equipment, and a back up or additional rope is connected to a separate workshop and connected to the person, and the only thing that manpower should not do at all. That is, do not separate yourself from the two supports even for 1 second.

For example, we see on the scaffolding that unfortunately, when a force wants to move on the scaffolding, it opens its belt to move more easily on the scaffolding, and that moment is the most dangerous event in the ambush that can fall at any moment.

To allay concerns about the use of rope or rapeseed labor, we can raise the fear of airplanes, which many people still fear of airplanes as a dangerous device, while accidents resulting in road accidents are several thousand. Is equal to the number of casualties from the crash.

But fear on the plane is still more than a car to many.

There are large companies in Iran that provide height training in a completely professional manner and with all international standards, and any person who sees the ability to do so can visit these schools to receive training courses. At the end of the work, they will receive their job certificate, which, thanks to God, Nano Nikapak Company has been able to turn its workforce into a very professional and efficient group by sending its staff to these classes and passing professional work courses at height. To provide appropriate services to respectable employers by observing all safety principles.

Height work services without the need for scaffolding:

– All cleaning services, including washing the facade with a waterjet, cloud and so on

– Execution of screws and roll plates

– Execution of replacement of facade lighting lamps

– Execution of nano-hydrophobic coating of Nano Nikapak company

– Perform facade painting

– Execution of building facade sealing

And any activity that is possible to train the workforce at height to perform on the facade.

Why choose Nano Nikapak Company?

  1. Because it has an experienced and professional force.
  2. Because it has social security insurance.
  3. Because insurance has civil liability.

do you know? If it works in your building for only 1 working day, we must insure it against accidents, otherwise the owner is responsible after the accident.

Do you know that even if you have accident insurance but no social security insurance, there are ways that the insurance company can prevent you from paying compensation.

According to the law, if a person works for you for even one day, he / she must have social security insurance, and accident insurance for higher damages can relieve you of the fact that Nano Nikapak company is following this issue closely and its forces are also covered by social security insurance. It also insures accidents so that employers are comfortable with this important issue. Even if the company’s workforce has an accident on the way to your project, the insurance is obliged to pay all the damages. Wishing that we would not witness any incident.

Nano Nikapak Company is ready to sign contracts with companies and institutions for periodic cleaning of building facades.

Price or cost of washing the facade in 1399

– Washing the facade of the building with stone material (with labor at a height without scaffolding), according to each square meter is 10,000 Tomans.

– Washing the facade of the building with brick material (with labor at a height without scaffolding), according to each square meter is 12,000 Tomans.

– Washing the facade of the building (with labor at a height without scaffolding), for glass and composite is 12,000 Tomans per square meter.

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