Advantages of using flooring

Kafsabi Noor is in a good position among customers in terms of quality of services, cost of work, use of expert force and machinery. The presence of any stains, dirt, scratches and و on ceramics is very unpleasant and gives a bad look to your home. Due to the fact that most houses today are covered with stones, the need for flooring is strongly felt in Tehran. We have made every effort to satisfy you by offering new methods. In this way, the highest quality of service and satisfaction of regular customers, has made light flooring one of the best. The use of the most up-to-date and advanced machines and tools, the best detergents and our experts have excelled.

Advantages of washing

In addition to flooring, washing all types of building facades, stone masonry and performing nano services are other services that can be provided. The facade of buildings is of special importance for sellers and buyers of buildings and is one of the important factors in attracting customers. Today, the facade of buildings is covered with different types of materials such as brick, stone, glass or composite. Each of the materials used in the facades of buildings has its own washing method, technology, tools, machines and detergents. Light flooring without spending much time to connect the scaffolding and in the fastest possible time to wash the facade at height.