Nano waterproof brick coating (facade brick washing solution)

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Nano waterproof coating of bricks with nanotechnology is the same hydrophobic material of absorption surfaces that has many advantages over conventional resins.

Average product coverage: One liter is consumed in every 7 to 8 square meters.

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Nano waterproof brick coating (brick resin)

Nanotechnology has greatly contributed to the development of the world of industrial coatings. Over the past decade, researchers have made significant advances in the production of new types of nano-coatings, among which the “waterproof nano-brick coating” has become very popular in the construction industry; But what exactly is this type of brick protective coating and why is it necessary to use it for the brick facade of the building?

پوشش نانو آجر | نانو نیکاپاک

Brick protective cover

Definition of nano waterproof brick coating

Nano-coating is a protective layer that is measured at the nanoscale. As materials approach the nanoscale, their properties change in unexpected ways. When a nano coating is applied to the brick facade of the building, the facade is protected in many ways. In fact, the nano-coating acts as a security shield, protecting the brick from the weather and other hazards.

Brick facades often suffer from dirt, dandruff, frost, cracks and other damage. All this reduces the quality of operation time of the building facade and the owners are forced to repair or replace the entire facade. But nano coating is a way out! This solution, which is in the form of a solution, is sprinkled on the brick to protect the facade of the building from any appearance and structural damage.

پوشش نانو آجر | نانو نیکاپاک

Nano on brick

How does it protect the brick facade?

Let’s start with an example:

“The oysters cling to rocks or piers so tightly that the current of the sea cannot separate them. “In order for the soft tissue inside the shell to adhere firmly to the hard surface of the rock, the oysters produce elastic bonding filaments that penetrate the tiny cavities of the rock, causing the oysters to adhere to the rock.”

The example above is a simple example of the function of a nano-protective coating. The fine nanoparticles penetrate into the fine cavities of the bricks to protect them from unsafe external conditions. Tiny holes in bricks are known to be the focal point of damage, which is prone to absorption of contaminants and destructive chemicals.

In fact, nano-coating is a hydrophobic material. Body means that water droplets are not absorbed by the brick and immediately roll off the surface. Therefore, nano-coating has two unique properties, one is that it creates a strong bond with the brick and the other is that it prevents water absorption.

پوشش نانو آجر | نانو نیکاپاک

Waterproofing brick facade

Importance of using nano waterproof brick coating

New advances in nanotechnology now mean the use of this coating in brick facades. Developments in the field of nano have caused nano-coating to be able to completely solve the numerous problems of this type of view.

The nano-coating system creates a waterproof and protective layer that prevents liquids and contamination from sticking to the brick surface. The nanocoating system is the result of a material in which nanostructures form a consistent network of molecules on a surface.

Nano-hydrophobic coating of bricks is an important necessity in the construction industry. This is an important modern feature that has taken the field of construction to a new level. Providing effective solutions that are optimized in terms of quality and cost is an inevitable necessity in the construction industry; Something that nano coating has been prepared in exactly this direction.

پوشش نانو آجر | نانو نیکاپاک

Protect the brick from damage

Advantages of nano waterproof brick coating

Here are some of the most important benefits of brick nano cladding:

Reduces the permeability of bricks

Protecting the final surface of the brick usually means solving the problems of this type of building material. Less porosity of surfaces prevents water penetration and protects bricks against structural damage. Any contamination can penetrate into the small cavities of the brick, causing the appearance of dirt and the destruction of the brick in the long run.

Microscopic uniformity means the removal of dirt

Nano protective coatings are able to provide a uniform surface on the brick. This means that the nano coating covers the brick as a thin layer and prevents any dirt by occupying the pores of the brick. Therefore, dust does not make the brick facade dirty in any way.

Resistant to chemicals, oils and salts

Another advantage of nano brick waterproofing is its high resistance to chemicals, grease and salt. All three are created by rain, snow and critical weather conditions. For example, salt in rainwater drips onto a brick, making it look ugly and dirty.

Reduces facade cleaning and maintenance

Brick is a building material that needs to be cleaned and repaired after a short time. This increases the cost of cleaning and maintenance and imposes a significant amount on owners each year; But the nano-hydrophobic coating of bricks reduces the side costs by a very small amount.

It is resistant to ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is one of the main causes of weathering in outdoor installations and equipment. A nano-coating filters some of the ultraviolet light and prevents it from reaching the surface. A car anti-UV coating is still superior in this regard.

It has high durability

Nano waterproof brick coating has a long life and durability. All you have to do is apply the nano-coating solution on the brick and relieve yourself of the appearance and structural problems of the building facade for years. High durability means that the nano coating can last up to 15 years.

پوشش نانو آجر | نانو نیکاپاک

Waterproof refractory bricks

The future of nano waterproof brick coating

The nano waterproof brick product is a stable functional coating that modifies the physical properties of the brick. This coating causes a chemical bond with the surface of the brick to maintain its durability for a long time.

Nano-protective coatings do not change the appearance of bricks and are completely non-toxic to the environment. This can lead to the concept of sustainable development in which each element of the building is used for a long time in the cycle. By covering the brick facade, the environmental problems caused by the production and recycling of bricks can be completely solved.

last word

Absorption of water by bricks is very problematic, and over time due to frost, the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the penetration of salt slowly disintegrates. Cracking, flaking of the edges, loss of mortar, unpleasant appearance, these are all problems that affect the brick facades. To solve all these problems, nano waterproof brick coating is an irreplaceable solution!

So if you want to keep the facade of the building clean for any time of the year and enjoy seeing it, you can buy a nano protective facade of the brick facade through this page or get the best advice from us by phone and WhatsApp. do.

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1 review for Nano waterproof brick coating (facade brick washing solution)

  1. sunny

    How long does this product last?

    • Nano Nikapak

      We guarantee 10 years, but it lasts more than 10 years.
      Thank you for your attention

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1 review for Nano waterproof brick coating (facade brick washing solution)

  1. sunny

    How long does this product last?

    • Nano Nikapak

      We guarantee 10 years, but it lasts more than 10 years.
      Thank you for your attention

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