Briefly about NikapakCompany

Nano Nikapak Company, under the management of Mohammad Ali Rahmati, started its activity in the field of construction industry in 1996 with seriousness. Due to the specialized projects of building facades and due to the feeling of need, in order to strengthen building materials, the use of modern technologies and nanotechnology in protective coatings of different levels, since 1390, has been the headline of its activities. In order to achieve its ideal and planned goals, to achieve superior quality and accelerate the provision of nanotechnology services and products, the company has facilitated with the benefit of experts and the use of modern knowledge and science, and is proud to receive Certification of the Iranian Quality Association in 1993 and receiving a management certificate from Oxford Head, England, was able to make a big leap in the direction of his ideas according to the power and will of Iran.

One of the most important features of Nikapak company

  • Production of specialized products
  • Quality and durability of products
  • Protect the facade of the building
  • Has a specialized executive team (working at height)