Why choose Nano Nikapak?

  • Quality is the main priority of Nanonikapak.
  • The base of raw materials is still supplied from Germany despite political and economic pressures.
  • It is possible to visit projects that are 10 years after the implementation of nano coating.
  • Reasonable price (to compare the price with similar companies, be sure to compare the coverage, life and durability of the product)
  • More than 5000 executive projects across the country
پوشش نانو ساختمان

Price list and product specifications, for waterproof materials, waterproofing and nano-facade coating of the building

All prices quoted are per liter.

The most important reason for choosing Nano Nikapak

  • 100% moisture insulation
  • Protects the surface from the effects of moisture and dirt
  • Prevent deep absorption of moisture
  • Waterproof all kinds of surfaces
  • Easy cleaning of surfaces
Frequently Asked Questions by Users

Answers to your most frequently asked questions in the FAQ section

What is the reason for the big difference between the price of nano and different brands?

We divide the facade surface protection materials into three categories:
1- Old resins that create a layer on the surface that causes the layer to peel due to cold, heat and UV rays of the sun and have a very reasonable price.

2- Silicone resins, which are very similar to nanomaterials, have less durability and cause scaling of the facade surface.

3- Nanometric materials due to having the smallest type of molecule penetrate to the depth of the surface and prevent water from entering the depth of the surface.

How many square meters does each liter of water-repellent nano (brick, stone and cement) cover?

Each liter on the brick covers 7 to 8 square meters.

Each liter on the stone covers 12 to 15 square meters.

How do we know that Nikapak products are nano?

In 3 ways:

1- Scientific method: By sending Nikapak nano materials to the laboratory service center (KFA), you will find out the authenticity of the product, we also have this confirmation here.

2- Practical method: Apply Nikapak nanomaterials on half of the surface of a brick and after drying, no color change is observed, some of the materials available in the market cause discoloration on the surface of the material.

3- Sample projects implemented throughout the country and talking to engineers and employers for satisfaction with Nikapak nanomaterials

Are Nikapak nano products guaranteed?

Yes, if the execution is done by Nano Nikapak company, a 5-year written warranty is provided, but the minimum shelf life of the product on the facade of the building is 10 years.

How to clean the brick surface of the building facade?

For advice and to get the best way to remove stains and dirt from the building facade bricks, contact our consultants or take a photo from a distance of one meter through WhatsApp here and send it. 021772131630912735212