Anti-nitrate solution for bricks This solution will waterproof all surfaces of the bricks against moisture Click to view product

Why choose Nano Nikapak?

Nano Nikapak Co started its activity in the field of nanotechnology in the construction industry since 1996. Considering the specialized projects for covering the nano facade of the building, due to the need for waterproofing materials to strengthen building materials, the use of modern day technologies and nanotechnology in various protective coatings has led its activities. Some of the reasons we chose customers:

Executable Team Execution
Quality and durability of products
Product Quality Guarantee


Price lists and product specifications, for waterproofing building materials and building facades
All stated prices are per liter.

The most important reason for choosing Nano Nikapak

Provide the highest quality nano products for high construction materials and long life

Nano Product Features

100% Moisture Insulation
Avoid deep absorption of moisture
Protecting the surface from the effects of moisture and dirt
Easy to clean surfaces
Avoid creating mold, algae and so on
Easy to clean the stone surfaces
Increase material life
Waterproofing all types of surfaces

Example Three See the difference with your eyes آجر-ضد-آب-نیکاپاک

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